Why Write

Even if nobody pays attention,

It’s there. It’s our story, our mark.

It says, WE were there.

THIS is what happened.

It matters.

We do this everyday.

& we learn from ourselves & eachother

Even if nobody pays attention

Our words leave ripples of influence

Into the universe.

Every complaint, wish, dream, & feeling

Has substance.

Writing some of it down

Gives it power

Allowing it to permeate

Through the many layers of our existence

Write to vent, to grief, & to heal

Write to reflect & prepare,

To influence your own environments

You literally have that power.

Do you use it ?

*Freedom Writers Foundation

WHY i Help Others Write
 -I genuinely care about what you have to say
 -I actually want to see the type of work students are being required to complete
 -I'm not in school anymore, but I love learning. I love writing, editing, expanding my perspectives and hearing from other intellectuals.
 -This is also an outlet for my to excersise my academic mind
 -This is a way to keep both our skills sharp
 -given my background, I truly believe I can provide unique perspectives & critiques on style, word choice, & tone.