we need to take responsibility
for our own knowledge
in a generation of mass distribution
& instant communication 
technological advances have given is the gift of being able to 
optimize our lives  

we need to do our own research,
practice our mental capacity
to take in new concepts & ideas
about ourselves & the world around us
to optimize the way we live

writing about these things 
in our own perspectives 
can only cause growth 

STIMULATING our minds 
is of upmost vitality 
when making the most 
of ourselves 
& connecting with others 

our current ‘education system’ is failing
“public school” is an
Industrial Complex.

>>actively excluding
key knowledge to better our own
conditions in the areas of health,
finance, mental stability,
creativity, self-love
& communication skills
mainstream school systems
are designed for:
>>MAXIMUM control &
the “4 year university plan”
is training to become
full time worker (9-5er)
education is now a commodity.
in order to truly make it
accessible we must
>>SACRIFICE our status as
“intellectuals” to rethink
WHO decides:
>what is intelligent & what is not,
>WHAT gets ‘published’ &
>WHO is ‘allowed’ to publish
it is a responsibility of
“intellectuals” to spread
other forms of knowledge
accessible to those who
do not have the “privilege”
or abilities to be exposed to it