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no one can “buy” self- development.
however, there are many educational resources, programs, & self-guided trainings that can make a world of difference in anyone’s personal & business careers, if taken seriously. that being said, nothing is free. it amazes me how so many people are willing to take on thousands in debt for an “education” that prepares them to work for someone else, yet still have hesitation

below are some of my personally recommended products for growing inside & out. i get some commission off my sales but these are ONLY products i’ve used personally & can contest that they will create progress if used with that intention in practice.

you’re only “spending” money if you don’t make an effort to train, practice, & optimize- if you do, buying these types of products is actually an investment.

Justin Cener Shopify Mastermind

Tai Lopez 67 Steps

High Traffic Academy