Self Development is CRUCiAL to OPTiMiZATiON
“The Best Thing You Can Do is Make the Most of Yourself”
 You can stop going to school, but you can never stop learning.
E.Q. > i.Q.
the rapid growth of technology 
has lowered the value of "intelligence"

people now have instant access 
to information at their fingertips.

Emotional Intelligence & Self-Development 
is not memorizing facts, 
it's building skills & 
lifestyle habits that are 
conducive to health & success.

when applied with consistency 
& Self-Awareness, 
these skills directly influence 
our productivity, health, 
relationships & success- 
focusing on competing 
with yourself (&no one else) 
WE WiLL grow & 
positively experience emotions 
like anger, anxiety, self-doubt, 
self-love, stress, 
& procrastination.