before people worked '9-5' 
or Monday- Friday 
we measured time 
with the Sun

before we began celebrating 
"NewYears"- "Jan-Dec" 
 we kept track of MoonPhases

before we looked forward
 to the "weekend"
we celebrated every sunrise, 
& prepared for the night 

Nature is the cruelest of teachers- 

for as long as we've been alive 
nature has dictated our life cycles
but ideas of the 'modern work week' 
& an instant-gratification culture
 have created a disconnect 
to the natural cycles 
& balance of the earth
this affects everything 

i use the sun, moonphases, 
& seasonal equinoxes 
to rest, work, strategize & grow.

following these cycles 
were monumental in my 
growth as a person
before i began to dedicate myself
to starting my own businesses 
i used :

img_0773see Yourself.
where are you now ?
where do you want to go ?
do you have a life philosophy ? 
examine your assets:
are they enough? 

assess current advantages,
resources & capital.

BE PRESENT. &Enjoy. 
prepare for Winter & reflect.

img_0769-1Plan & Strategize
what worked? & what didn’t?
eliminate or multiply.

Research & Refine
Your Ideas into Plans 

Recoup, Recover, & Prepare 
You are planting seeds now
that will FLOURiSH in Summer

You’ve done Research
& made plans

run a series of Experiments 
on Lifestyle Habits & Skills
for Health, Wealth,
Happiness & Spirit.
Find What Works Best

Learn to OPTiMiZE
Design Systems & Routines

Create Rituals for Creating
You will need this Knowledge
 to Work Smart in the Summer

Harvest the Fruits
of Your Seeds 

gather the juice
to work extremely hard 

put in the hours
invest to Grow 
Organize Activity 
USE the bright Energy
of the Sun 

TRAVEL & NetWork 
Make the Most
of Your Experiments 

Create Reasons
to Enjoy the Fall
& Prepare for Winter

…….to do it all again