Routines & Rituals

ROUTiNES & RiTUALS will ultimately determine success with our goals.
 WHEN you are ready, you will work hard to implement them strategically.
 these are the KEY actions in your daily life that WiLL NOT change, despite how you're"feeling" that day. Once set, they should not be optional until our goals are reached.
 (then they will change according to our next goals)

HABiTS & ADDiCTiONS have a large part to do with what routines & rituals we do and don't implement. most of the time, identifying any cultural, behavioral, (&/or) genetic addictions & habits FiRST, before establishing any set of rituals or routines  will work best because we can strategize the implementation of treatment for the addictions within your new routines & rituals.

when working together,this is the preferred route, as it leads to long term success & overall lifestyle change.

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making anything a ritual gives it more meaning
Ritual Worksheet:
Luxuries: eating out, shopping, clubbing, movies, travel, vacas
Necessities: hygiene, body care,    food, waking up, going to sleep, work rest,
Goals: meditation, fitness, wealth  /health optimizations