$30 per hour
 $100 4 hours ($20 off)
 $170 All Day  (8 hrs = $70 off) 

[$ Cost of Duration]

“Free-Hand” footage is getting photography of the scene while on foot & throughout the crowd. It is the least staged & maintains the vibe of the scenery.

✔️Free Hand Footage
✔️2 Personal Prints
✔️Online (downloadable) Album 
+ $50]

The “Pre-Shoot” can be any theme at any location, also includes a downloadable online album. Perfect for invitations & promo.

✔️Free Hand Footage
✔️4 Personal Prints
✔️2-5 Minute Video
✔️"Pre-Shoot" for Invitations
[+ $100-$150]

“Display Print” refers to extra large poster-type prints of our “Pre-Shoot” for decorating your party venue. “Photbooth” options can be children’s themed, adult themed, or simple & elegant. This is ideal for Milestone birthdays & large celebrations.  Display sizes & prop requests may vary the price

✔️Free Hand Footage
✔️4 Personal Prints
✔️+Display Prints
✔️10 Minute Video
✔️"Pre-Shoot" for Invitations 
✔️PhotoBooth Set Up
 (On-Site & Theme Optional)