Family Units

most of my life I have lived with “mixed families”. I have live with multipul relatives at a time, with cousins & brothers & sisters, with separated parents, with friends, with roommates & by myself. I have only had my own room for the last 3 years of my life.

because of my living experiences, ocd, & empathetic nature i understand the complications of living with multipul people. I know what it takes to make a home run smoothly

I love making a house into a home. I love the process of balancing a space for the rest & productivity of others. I really believe happiness is heavily influenced by environment.

We can work together to create the BEST environment for your living situation. When all the necessary aspects of a home are routinely organized and accounted for, everyone involved can pay more attention to enjoy themselves.

ALL plans require an initial interview  b/c they are unique & customized to each Family Structure. 

Meal Planning

Kitchen Make Overs

Creating Productive Spaces

Maintence Strategies