EXpositus Yoga & Wellness

The Latin Word “Expositus” has many meanings, mainly: open, accessible, exposed.

EXpositus Yoga is a Wellness Collective. w/ Collaborative intentions toward:
-recognizing difference
-making wellness accessible, local, and affordable
-creating a safe space for historically marginalized communities specifically in mind
-organizing with the intention of dismantling the socio-cultural hierarchies that exist within wellness culture
-cultivating practices that pay attention to individual needs and self-sufficient progress ( so that you don’t NEED a yoga teacher to feel good)
-teaching health & wellness in a way that is realistic to our culture’s lifestyle (whether we agree with it or not)
-increasing the visibility of health and wellness through art, expression, photography, and public gatherings
-expanding practices of yoga (only if you wish) beyond physical asanas (poses) –
-> spirituality, art, nature, food, lifestyle, herbal medicinals, self-love & sufficiency, connectedness, acceptance, and patience.

EXposing Information EXplaining Demonstration

“Occupy your minds, the revolution begins within”


Model: VanessaRenee
Photographer: LuvLev Photography

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