Intro To Sacred Geometry

Polarity Therapy

Blog_TheBody001_PolarityTherapy Title.pngPolarity Therapy is a four-part approach to balancing the Energetic patterns of the body. Based on principles developed by Randolph Stone, Polarity Therapy combines bodywork, nutrition, stretching postures and attitudinal counseling to free Energy blockages and establish a Natural Energy flow for Self-Healing. Stone formulated his therapy based on the underlying principle of wireless currents in, around and through the body. It is this subtle Energy flow that gives Life and through which the Soul functions. Quite simply, disease occurs when the flow is disrupted. Polarity Therapy, rather than treating disease, is focused on reestablishing the Natural Balance of this flow, which in turn allows Healing to take place. Polarity Therapy practitioners concern themselves with the positive, negative and neuter states of the Energetic wiring, flowing vertically and horizontally, and spiraling from the top of the body downward and from the center outward. The center from which the Energy flows and to which it returns, is considered the Source of the Energy and this triune action is what is required to keep the flow in motion. According to Stone, this circuitry flows in all aspects of Life and is a basic principle in Nature. Everything has a middle with opposing ends, in constant communication and relationship. In this law of relationship, there is attraction (pleasure/sensory) and repulsion (pain/motor). Blockage is more likely to occur in the negative (outgoing) flow. It is when the outgoing force is unable to remove from the system “unassimilable physical, emotional or mental material” that disruption in the circuitry occurs and the system becomes dysfunctional.


The “Intelligence Paradox” Satoshi KanaZawa

This is actually a great example of why we need to consistently develop ourselves.
It’s not enough to be “intelligent” anymore. We need to learn how to take care of ourselves & our loved ones, making yourself and the ones around you feel happy & valuable requires work & emotional intelligence.

Being intelligent does not increase your worth over others, to bring worth to others we need to exemplify it in the WAY we live.