[Trader Joes Shortcuts]

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BREAKFAST_ country potatoe .gifI often associate Trader Joes as a “college grocery store” not only because that was my first time walking into one, but they have a wide variety of “high end” frozen food: Many organic options with minimal fillers and processing. Most of these packages come with COMPLETE seasoning sauces and sometimes even pre-cooked altogether.

There is often high sugar or sodium amounts but they do a good job making you feel like you’re cooking without actually cooking. They have decent frozen options that can feed 2 people under 5$ & in my opinion they do a good job at targeting a specific crowd that wants to be trendy, healthy, tasty & EASY. TRADER JOES

(Topped with Lemon Pepper)

the “PACKAGE” was indeed simple & delicious 

BREAKFAST_ country potatoe .gif
*Coffee & Cream was BOMB


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classic smoothie

smoothie giff









Frozen Fruit from Trader Joes


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