i have room for a few “interns”
who would like to gain perspectives
on what a Full-Time Freelance career
is really like.

you would help
at my studio

(or wherever I’m working)
on the days I have multipul projects
or jobs & assist with:

>>organizing & setting up a workspace
>>creating an environment
>>communicating with clients 
& ongoing collaborations 
>>updating media accounts
>>act as an assistant photographer 
  at larger events
>>making sales 
>>being a connector 
it’s best that you come
prepared with questions

& a somewhat
rough draft –

vision of your
long term goals

so that we can work
together most effectively. 


-–> Long Term Goal: 
i really do want to share what I know-
especially to the younger ones 
but nothing comes free. 
if you want to benefit from 
my personal experience, connections, 
& resources 

you should come with something to GiVE. 
Do not contact me 
if you don't know what you're good at. 
Definitely use the resources i list online 
to create the  initial outline of your "WHY". 
if you want to work with me in this way 
you need to know WHY 
BEFORE you come to me.
We can learn HOW together.
for the most part,
our time together
would be trade-for-experience
for special events:
you get 20% of my pay
+commission off sales  
if this sounds like
something you love 
then fill out the form