Active Healing Members Only

GOAL: Relationship-Based WHOLE-Healthcare System
ŃÇ░A Wellness Investment OrganizatonŃÇ░
­čö║Business Plan
­čö║Family Plan
­čö║Member Plan

We Prioritize :








-Sustainable Living & Developments
-Food Safety & Organic Soil Projects 
-Plant Based Medicines
-Specialized Trainings 

-Certification Programs

-Materials for Self-Study & Practice
-Equipment & Space for travelers & visitors 

Producing A Collective Platform for 
-Online & ‘Poster’ Educational Materials
-Photography & Videography
-Journalism & Investigation
-Research – Based Articles
-Community Discussions & Concerns
-Original Sounds (affirmations/ moods/ music/ beats)
-E-books, Audio Books & Printed WorkBooks

emphasize a sensory & visually interactive, graphic -centered learning experience 
Physical Sources
-Ebook/ WorkBooks/ AudioBooks
-Posters for School & Office
-Kitchen Art
-Gym Art
-Grocery Store Art
-WAllet Art
Online Research Directory
–Therapies (Tumblr)
–The Breath
–The Body
–The Mind
–PlantBased Medicines

-Habits & Rituals
-Organized Training
-Teacher Training

­čö╣TRAiNiNG Options
-Gain Weight
-Loose Weight
-Mental Discipline & Emotional Intelligence
-Self-Awareness & Empathy
-LifeStyle Planning
-Ailment Treatment

Niche & Specific Support Groups (facilitated by you)
we act as a network, for you to connect with the healers & the healing on the things you actually go through. we know no one can understand your specific situation like the ones actually going through it. you get what you put into this resource. it can be a fountain of life changing perspectives & wisdom, or nothing at all. you decide with your group.
-Prescreened Resource Facilites
Send us references or suggestions in different treatments & cities & we will investigate a facility on your behalf. do they specialize in what your looking for ? do they have experience with people like you ? are they inclusive & intersectional with their perspectives ? we will keep an updated record of every facility on our website AND negotiate discounts for all our members- all the time. so when you take a trip somewhere you can heal actively in an environment that holds the same values we do.
Collective Research
by becoming a member you gain full access to our collective research.
yes, you can just Google anything, but our priority to emphasize a sensory & visually interactive, graphic -centered learning experience is one you won’t want to miss.
Specialized Training Programs
we form special relationships with some of the best practitioners in your area for an affordable & efficient training program that fits your needs
Monthly Suprise Packages
we curate & produce a selection of self care products for you every month, such as teas, dried herbs, scrubs, lip balms, moisturizers, & gems for your skin, hair,body, & spirit. specify your preferences on our website.

Free Family Events
free, frequent & locally organized health fairs, community workouts, lectures, give aways & workshops for everyone in parks & public venues.
-Private Member Retreats (twice every season)
members only* retreats with specialized themes in nature.
training & product packages available
-Open Conferences (twice a year)
organized to showcase your research, techniques, concerns, & long term goals on a larger platform in respects to active healing, training, sustainability, careers, workshops & food.

­čö╣Local Pre-Screened WHOLEHealth Specialists & Trainers/ Teachers/ Healers
=Member Discounts
=& Special Programs
=Group Options
-Fitness Trainers
-Personal Trainers
-Massage Therapists
-Body Workers
-Sound Therapists
-Behavorial Therapists
-Hollistic Dentists
-Dance Teachers

­čö╣Hollistic Youth Development Programs
-Food Education
-Environmental Justice
-children’s books edu
-gardening program
-children’s fitness & lifestyle videos