Credit Cards & “Authorized Users” 5 Things You Need To Know

When you discover something that helps you financially—like a credit card that works hard for you—it’s natural to want to share it. Under the right circumstances, adding someone as an authorized user to your card can be beneficial for both you and the user. Here’s what you need to know:

1. You can add your spouse, family member or anyone you choose.The authorized user receives a card with their name on it, and they enjoy the privileges of using the card.1Because you’re ultimately responsible for purchases charged to your card, pick authorized users carefully.

2. Adding an authorized user can help them build credit. This is a big plus for a family member who has difficulty qualifying for a credit card on their own. Getting approved for a credit card can be challenging for someone who’s just starting out with no credit history. As an authorized user, they can gain experience using credit and learn how to manage their own credit in the future.

3. You can set limits and monitor spending. As a primary account holder, you have the ability to set limits on spending for any authorized users. You can also monitor spending on the card and set up alerts through our digital banking2system. Keeping close tabs on an authorized user’s spending can help keep your credit (and your relationship) on good terms.

4. An authorized user helps you earn more rewards. Your rewards add up even faster with an authorized user on your account because you’re both making purchases that add up to more points for airline tickets, cash back or other rewards.

5. It’s easy to add an authorized user. You can securely add an authorized user to your card in a few simple steps—the process should only take a few minutes. Learn more about setting up an authorized user by visiting your banks website.

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