My Letter to You

i am so passionate about sales, product quality, & consumer value because i hate shopping. Ever since i was a child i never liked going to the store. i liked seeing people- but i didn’t like shopping at large stores, it just doesn’t make sense to me. i don’t exactly know why and i don’t spend much time contemplating the things that don’t make me happy, but..

being a CONNECTOR to real life people making other people’s lives better through products & services makes me so happy. making a living off of it makes me sooo happy. i sell only what i use & love.

for the happiness of us all: i’ll help you save money on things you would buy anyway (or expose you to new // better things) that actually IMPROVE our quality of life. YOU can help me, because buying in bulk and building relationships with people who produce and cultivate goods means i don’t have to go to the store.

having my sellers permit allows me to legally buy directly from wholesalers and producers near & far. based on my lifestyle choices & blog if you think there is a line of products or brands i would like let me know who & what & i’ll contact them !

Let’s stop using corporations as “middlemen” & work together✊🏽

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