why “model”



The biggest lessons I’ve learned through my attempted ‘modeling’ career:

I like selling things.
more than anything,

I LOVE selling HELPFUL things
to everyday people
that belong to creative,
ethically sustainable businesses.

I don’t actually like ‘modeling’
as much as i love being a key
component to a life-improving

I genuinely believe that
should be every product.

EVERY BRAND should be
of the consumer.

otherwise you just shouldn’t
be in business
(with me especially).

i choose to be
involved in modeling
& representing brands
that prioritize LiFE iMPROViNG
transactions for the people.

i model,
to support
the business model
not competition.

I am a very empathetic,
easy- to- talk- to person,
proving me a natural talent
for acquiring honest feedback
& constructive criticism
from any audience
through any platform.

my creative problem
solving will help with

innovative suggestions for 
product improvement
community outreach
or event planning
(if needed)

i also understand that,
whether I like it or not,
my strong personality
& discipline to take care
of my body just
as much as the
whole living Earth around me
inspires or influences people.

if people are looking anyway,
what are we showing them?
what stories are we telling?
what lifestyles are we promoting?
why do we exist right now?
these are the exact questions
i literally ask myself
when working with new ones.

in order to stay true
to ourselves in business,
we must always
we do business.

I want to be apart of
a major culture shift:

WE make corporations
unpopular again

& raise the creative business
to a higher standard.


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