Eventful– If you have an event, post it here and people will find you

SoundCloud– Share sounds LIVESTREAM

BandCamp is a do-it-yourself solution for digital music distribution. It is a publishing platform for musicians that is focused on the idea of creating a self-contained digital album package that fans can interact with, beyond just listening to an audio stream. Nearly infinitely customizable, a BandCamp page features name-your-price (or free) download options in whatever formats you choose, from 128KB MP3, to FLAC, to Apple Lossless. Add in album art, lyrics, list-building features, and real-time statistics, and you have a fully custom album package with back-end coding that you don’t have to worry about. And the best part? You own everything, and can hst it wherever you’d like.

An extension of Twitter specifically geared towards musical acts– discovering new music & bring people together who share an appreciation for this music

MOG– Listen to music, organize your music and discuss how you feel about this music with other fans

8tracks– 8 tracks dares you to tell us what kind of mood you’re in using only 8 tracks.

Reverbnation– A place where artists can communicate with other artists, talk with people in the industry and further their career using the tools provided.

OurStage– Share and promote music while networking with fans, other bands and people in the industry

OurWave– Each band and or artist gets their 15 minutes of fame with OurWave, they are able to use this site as a promotion tool by posting their music and announce upcoming shows

Kompoz– Team up with other musicians both on and offline

Dopetracks– Hip-Hop/Rap based forum where atrists can join forces musically

Write About It

Hypebot– Instant music “news” at your fingertips

SoSoActive– What’s hot in the digital age is what SoSo is all about– All your music blogs in one convenient location

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