“Angry –Feminist. Radical. Dramatic. Hippie. Bitch.”

Angry –Feminist. Radical. Dramatic. Hippie. Bitch.

Call me whatever you want, I understand. & I’m not mad.

Because it is so much easier to pretend like this is all “not that serious” than have to wake up every morning and live each day knowing you are a vital contribution towards your own creative deprivation, capitalistic robbery, rape and violent perpetuating culture, and institutionalized oppression.

It is so much easier to say I’m “over-reacting” than to admit we are killing ourselves every single day—with every bite of the processed pesticide food we eat, with every false notion of beauty we conceive every time we view anything in the media, and with every use less fact you fill your head with to try and please a scantron in a factory designed school system….

We’re in this frustration together

You are also responsible for the beauty,  creativity, and compassion in this world, but how to decide to use it is entirely up to you. I want to make something beautiful with you, I want to connect. I want to share stories and make love, gardens, art, and community– where success is based on happiness and people start sharing again.


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