Decolonizing Language: Young Women Saying FUCK


I don’t understand why adults/ society is so concerned with young women using the words ‘FUCK’ or any other “vulgar” terms. There are other things to worry about like body image, rape, sexual assault, sexual health, discrimination and I don’t feel like I need to state the fact that this list can go on for pages. Instead of focusing on attitudes that are “appropriate” instill attitudes of wellness, confidence, and creativity for young women.

Why the fuck are we so concerned with words, but not the actions they represent. Like a woman saying FUCK as a sign or resistance, or even to say something meaningful. In my experiences “cussing” and saying FUCK is not a sign of vulgarity, it’s passion. There are not enough “PASSIONATE” words in the english language. What would someone say when they witness or experience racism? sexism? something so amazingly beautiful they cannot  put ii into words, or….. anything that is REALLY FUCKED UP?
“That was horrible!” or That was Beautiful. Is an option.

We can say “That is very bad… That is so bad/ good”

I’m sure I can get really creative, but the point is, there aren’t very many “PASSIONATE” words in the english language for a reason. Our language is gendered, ableist, sexist, heteronormative, white, privileged, yet folks are going to choose to make a big deal of the word “FUCK” ? Words like heteronormativity, abelist, sizeist, hypersexuality, intersectionality, (& a million other words to describe oppression!) DO NOT EXIST in the english language FOR A REASON.

The non- existence of “passionate” words and words to describe injustice are the REASONS WHY we NEED to resort to words like FUCK and caps lock and BOLD fonts to MAKE PEOPLE LISTEN TO US. How else do we communicate such passion or immense feeling with the limited structure of communications we have been forced to succumb to?


& Next time judgement begins to lurk around someone who is “cursing“, young women specifically, try to think of the resistance behind it. Try to empathize with the situations she may have been in life where saying simple and “appropriate” words like “PLEASE” or even “NO” were just not enough, or didn’t work. Try thinking about what she has been through (that your own privilege may not have required you to notice before), and what perspectives she holds in her experiences of being repeatedly, continuously, and systematically silenced or ignored. How has her position in society given her no other choice in asserting herself in a world where she has always been a “minority” and has always been defending herself.  Has she ever felt so mistreated in the past, that even speaking of things in the present, she finds appropriate words just aren’t enough?

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