ANother Saturday Morning

It’s Saturday morning, the sun is amazing and I can already tell it’s going to be a beautiful day but I can’t help but acknowledge my overwhelming feelings of creativity, gratitude , and enlightenment, despite the fact that I am extremely behind on my school work, I’m ‘broke’, I’m behind on organizing deadlines, and have tons of unread important emails, I have an injured back, I’ve missed 4 classes this week and a million other things society tells me I should worry about.

Whenever my roommate is home for the weekend I literally spend most of my time butt naked in my room. So here I am, writing, trying to make sense of what I’ve been through to make me feel better about what I have to go through. Not wearing any clothes doesn’t make me feel any more empty, just as filling my lungs with smoke doesn’t make me feel any more full. I don’t know what to write—so I take an inhale as deep as I can, holding it in until I’m satisfied enough—my body knows this feeling. I can’t help but think where I was a year ago. I feel more at peace and I feel more myself than I’ve ever been before and it has nothing to do with this herb, his love, her touch, or they’re oppression. Every part of my being has changed and it has all come from sitting with myself. And now I’m doing something I never thought I would do….Image

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