Tuesday: Artistic Frustrations


I’m just gonna bullet point today– since it just feels like a bullet point kind of day.

  • I am really thankful I have a separate journal to rant about all the shit I want without having to explain myself. Sometimes I’ll post stuff online– but most of the time not. My random thoughts are very insightful through out the day so i always make sure to write them down:
  • “Every time I go to the massage chair at the Women’s Center I usually entertain myself by staring a my boobs.”
  • I have been hanging around a lot more artistically inclined people and having conversations I’ve been wanting to have for way too long.
  • Today I really put all the yoga philosophy I’ve been learning into practice with my own discontent and attachment to things — i wrote all that shot down and literally burned it.
  • I painted a picture till 5 am. I didn’t have any intention for it going into the process, other than to never stop till it “felt right”. It’s still not entirely complete, but most of it is done…. I think it’s me and Brandon under a tree– on drugs

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