MONDAY: another one

Miko, MultiMedia Artist

The First Day of the Week (& My First Exhale of the Year)


Today was the first day I didn’t feel worried all year. The past month has been one of the hardest months of my life–but now that the bulk of my struggles have been becoming untangled I can see what a learning experience it has all been.

Good Things About Today

  • Started the day with a small meditation, a little puff and Metric.
  • Went to the library at 9 am to study all the quarter’s material by 1 pm for my Substance Abuse midterm and got a B
  • Went to the doctor
  • got a veryy fresh cut+ line up
  • Metric/ Cannabis/ Yoga with Nina. Every time she had epiphanies about making her body feel better and stronger i would get a funny feeling inside– especially when she thanked me telling me her body “feels less painful” and that I was actually a “very good teacher”. I realized I don’t care about being a yoga teacher but hearing words like that from my friends makes me feel like i can make a difference with those around me. Those words are something I have been longing to say to Fibromyalgia specialists for years, but NOW I’m actually not only finding these answers on my own– I’m sharing them with other people as well.
  • I made a delicious gluten- free/ dairy- free meal. Tilapia with Basil, rosemary, organic lemon juice from my grandmas tree and organic olive oil with quinoa cooked in broccoli broth (organic carton from the co-op) black pepper, chopped garlic and onion, and olive oil combined with organic spinach and mushrooms cooked in (the extra virgin organic olive oil from costco) and chopped garlic and onions and rosemary & i probably should have typed this out better because now I don’t feel like talking about my amazing all nutrient- filled green fruit smoothie.
  • Me and my roommate went to the library and studied with Alvaro for a few hours
  • We came home feeling so accomplished and it was’t even 11 pm yet!
  • So we smoked a bowl, snacked and showed each other our cities and looked at San Fran graffiti on google maps then went to sleep.

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