A Tuesday Afternoon Poem

It started out small,

At first it was hard to get started,

I thought it wasn’t going to work because it wasn’t big enough,

I could see it gasping for life in front of me,

I watched.

I sat still and watched it dance around like it had a story to tell,

Whipping itself from left to right trying to see if anybody cared,

That it was truly struggling,

Nobody was around & nobody could see what it was going through,

i watched it struggle to barely stay alive in the middle of a cold wind,

& just as i thought it was about to die,

It manipulated it’s oppressor to it’s advantage,

Using the forces it was previously fighting against as fuel,

& growing bigger and stronger with every gust of it’s enemy,

Never getting smaller because the only way is up from here,


imagesimages (1)

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