Everyone is talking, but no one is listening,

Everyone is thinking but no one is breathing,

Thoughts are like the ocean shore line,

Never still and always moving,

Coming up to the tips of your toes only to recede back into the unknown,

Right when you think the water is about to touch you,

Never questioning what would have happened if it did,

It wants to be still and no one knows why,

Tsunamis of doubt, discontent, and negativity continually arise,

Yet nobody ever tells the Atlantic ocean to calm down,

Because it is that amazing? But even the most magnificent things need help,

Simply marveling at its ‘beauty’ but not thinking about how it got there,

In amazement at all the life sustained in it but unaware that’s its its own universe,

Just star at the beauty but don’t confront the pollution,

Don’t pay any attention to the rocking waves of anxiety,

The crashing sounds of confusion,

Asking for some kind of guidance,

Pretend that that bitter salty taste of it doesn’t exist,

& neglect how much it burns when it touches a cut,

As if that is not a cry for help or a sign that you BOTH wounded,

Surf, splash, swim, sail, on, inside, and all throughout it,

Invading all it’s being without ever asking permission,

Vacationing off of it as if it doesn’t have its own story to tell,

Distracted by all the colorful life nurtured inside it,

Not noticing the prevalence of death and despair it wants to reveal,

All the trash, corpses, and memories it is burdened with,

By catastrophes nobody ever tries to empathize with or understand,

Just act like they don’t exist within this incandescent body of life,

Not wanting to admit even the most beautiful things can be so ugly,

Marvel and gawk at the glistening blue water without ever asking if it changes colors,

Without ever wondering if it just wants to be still.


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