I’m tired of people knocking on my door. In Isla Vista a lot of landlords have just listed the houses and apartments that are available for next year. College students have gone crazy to be the first to apply to certain places. I live two blocks away from the beach and two blocks away from my campus, I recognize that I am a fortunate person and I’m always down to meet new people but don’t come knocking on my door like it’s suddenly OK to not even introduce yourself, say hello, look me in the eye, shake my hand, or acknowledge that this is my home before you ask how much my rent is and when I’m gonna be out. Who the fuck are you? Real people still live here.

I hesitantly but optimistically open the door to rude ass privileged college kids who don’t even look me in the eye, yet expect me to acknowledge all their questions then walk away. I’ve really never understood the term ENTITLEMENT until i came to live in Santa Barbara. Did you fuckers get this from your rich parents, or?…I love living in an apartment on the beach but i love community and respect even more.

that’s why i made this blog anyway, so i can vent & show you my insides. 

_MG_0052 isla_vista1

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